Pranav Joshi is a technology enthusiast. He is always inspired to use, technologies and products to enable and make it easy for its users/customers. He is always ready to learn and listen to customer pain points to design and propose the desired solutions. He thrives on new challenges and continuous improvement at personal and professional levels.

Pranav played a key role in designing and implementing the web search engine which helped the IIT community. He learned valuable lessons during the process, especially how the design and the end-user experience are important.

Pranav had an opportunity to work with the great CTO team at Motorola Networks which developed and contributed to his habit of creative thinking as well as trying to find ways to optimize things to get the most improvements and deliver higher value.

Pranav loves to be challenged and ready to help customers achieve their business objectives and goals.

With a customer-first approach, Pranav always takes the time to listen and tries to play the role of the extended team member for the customer by participating in the technical discussion, to design and propose solutions. Pranav’s knowledge of different areas of technology including a wide product portfolio, helps him to drive optimal solutions.

Pranav with his leadership skills, drive results and success for his team. His ability to understand different personalities and apply different motivational techniques keeps everyone interested, engaged, and involved to design the best solutions. Pranav’s coaching style helps retention of learned topics and skills.

Pranav is an entrepreneur mind, and with different avenues in his personal and professional life has developed his creative thinking and business acumen, always looking for ways he can innovate and help solve the business problem. Pranav’s goal is to help the community, especially kids and youths by empowering them with skills and enabling them to greater success in life.